Private Security Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourced Safety & Security Reporting App

The report It® Private Security Crowdsourcing App empowers the community you are protecting to “Say Something when they See Something”. Designed to encourage the members of the community to easily participate in the common goal of the prevention and early detection of safety and security incidents, report It® will improve the efficiency of existing resources, fill knowledge gaps, reduce costs, and create a stronger community.

Trusted by Private Security providers, Residential Communities, Event Venues, Corporate and Retail Campuses, report It® provides a quick and easy-to-use smartphone platform that allows members of the community to escalate concerns directly to your designated security resources, anonymously, confidently, and discreetly, in real-time. Based upon our proprietary geo-intelligent technology, report It® automatically routes reports based upon location and the nature of the report. 

Our Text-A-Tip and QR code reporting  features along with our simple integration toolkit make it easy for everyone to get involved to provide an extra level of security. report It® can help you add an unlimited number of Human Alarms to your security infrastructure. 

Empower the Community to Help Make a Difference

With over 20 years of experience in providing world-class reporting solutions, report It® can help you increase engagement with members of the community. The community will have the capability to report concerns quickly, easily, and anonymously without fear of retaliation. report It® helps you resolve minor issues before they become major problems.

report it® makes it easy for users to create a report and attach photos, video, and location data with the assurance that the information is anonymously and confidentially escalated to the proper personnel in real time. With the report it® cloud-based report management tools, report information can then be viewed and managed from anywhere.  report it® partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make sure your data is always safely and secure stored in redundant and encrypted servers and available 24/7/365 from anywhere. 


  • App, Web and Phone reporting options
  • Text based reporting
  • QR Code reporting 
  • Multi-language reporting
  • Anonymous, confidential, and discreet
  • Geo-intelligent report routing 
  • Anonymous 2-way messaging 
  • Redundant & secure data management
  • Low cost & simple to implement
  • Cloud base report management tools
  • Third-Party integrations
  • Push Notification option
  • Panic Alarm option 


  • Improve the efficiency of existing resources
  • Fill knowledge gaps
  • Accelerate processes
  • Reduce costs 
  • Foster a culture of empowerment and inclusion
  • Prevent incidents before they occur
  • Improve compliance with security policies
  • Improve your security footprint 

Standard Edition

Plan Includes:

  • Android, iOS and Web Reporting Apps
  • Text-a-Report capability
  • QR Code reporting
  • Multi-Language reporting
  • Add photos, video or documents to reports
  • Real-Time report notifications
  • Cloud-Based report management tools
  • Anonymity for reporters 
  • End-to-End data encryption
  • Access to community resources
  • Program awareness materials
  • Online training and support 
  • 3 Included Administrators

Pro Edition

Plan Includes:

  • All Standard Edition Features plus the following
  • Customizable questionnaire and workflow
  • Anonymous 2-way messaging 
  • Report management module
  • Report sharing 
  • Geo-Intelligent reporting options
  • Support for multiple locations
  • Intelligent report routing by incident type or location 
  • Push Notification feature
  • Panic Alarm feature 
  • Popular integrations 
  • GoLive™ Video option (additional costs may apply)
  • 10 Included Administrators