The report It® Personal Safety App

Improving Outcomes with 24/7 Preventative Services

Traditional security programs are designed to protect people and assets within your company’s locations, report It® provides access to RapidSOS Professional Safety Agents wherever your employees might be. report It® also collaborates with your management and existing security teams to provide your employees with greater peace of mind.

Simple to Use 

The  report It® Personal Safety App is available for all iOS and Android devices. Once setup for your organization simple enroll your employees using our Cloud based Administrator Portal. With a few taps of the report It® app, users will be able to  quickly communicate the nature of the incident or concern, GPS data and precise location information which can identify a user’s location within 10 square feet anywhere in the world. report It® also allows reporters to include pictures and videos.

RapidSOS Professional Safety Agents are available 24/7/365 to provide Preventative Services and seamlessly coordinate directly with 911 first responders if needed.


Flexible and Customizable

All organizations are unique and because of that, report it® is not a one-size fits all solution. We provide you the flexibility to create a unique user experience that fits your organizations needs.  With the ability to customize the workflow to meet your specific requirements, report it® can enhance existing compliance, safety, security, and communications initiatives.

With Integrations to popular products such as ADP Payroll Systems and IMMIX Video Monitoring, report it ® makes sure your data is available in the format you need.  Deep Link technology can make the user experience seamless as we integrated with your existing solutions. 

Features and Benefits

  1. Easy to setup and deploy 
  2. 24/7 Live Safety Agent Access
  3. Cloud Based Administrator Dashboard
  4. Multi-Device Support
  5. Secure Data Management
  6. Mass Notification Capability 
  7. Customizable for your Organization 
  8. Inclusive and Simple to Use
  9. Include Pictures and Videos
  10. Precise GPS Location Feature