Employee Hotlines

Anonymous Employee Hotline App

The report It® Ethics and Compliance Reporting App empowers your employees to anonymously and confidentially “Say Something when they See Something”. Developed to help employers prevent unethical, abusive, and unprofessional behavior, illegal activity, and code of conduct violations with early detection and intervention. The report It® anonymous employee hotline can also support your efforts to reduce and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse, and potentially unsafe working conditions.  report It® supports reporting compliance that may be required under COVID-19 safety protocols and regulations. 

report it® provides a simple and easy-to-use anonymous employee hotline platform that allows employees to escalate concerns directly to designated report recipients, anonymously, confidently, and discreetly, in real-time. Our intuitive and user friendly user interface makes reporting easy. 

Help Your Employees make a Difference 

With over 20 years of experience in providing world-class solutions, report It® can help you create transparency and an open-door environment that meets your unique needs and requirements. Your employees should have the capability to report concerns quickly, easily, and anonymously to management without fear of retaliation. report It® helps you resolve minor issues before they become major problems.

report it® makes it easy for users to create a report and attach photos, video, and location data with the assurance that the information is anonymously and confidentially escalated to the proper authority in real time. With the report it® cloud-based report management tools, report information can then be viewed and managed from anywhere.  report it® partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make sure your data is always safely and secure stored in redundant and encrypted servers.


  • Android, iOS and Web reporting apps
  • 24/7 Phone reporting options
  • Text based reporting 
  • QR Code reporting 
  • Multi-language reporting
  • Anonymous, Confidential, and discreet
  • Redundant & secure data management
  • Low cost & simple to implement
  • Cloud base report management tools
  • Third-Party integrations
  • Push Notification option
  • Panic Alarm option 


  • Foster a culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Lower operating costs 
  • Support COVID-19 requirements 
  • Prevent fraud and corruption
  • Improve compliance with company policies
  • Prevent harassment and discrimination claims
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve workplace health & safety
  • Avoid third-party involvement

Standard Edition

Plan Includes:

  • Android, iOS and Web reporting Apps
  • Text-a-Report capability
  • QR Code reporting 
  • Multi-Language reporting
  • Include photos, video or documents with reports
  • Real-Time report notifications
  • Cloud-Based report management tools
  • Anonymity for employees
  • End-to-End data encryption
  • Secure Data Integration
  • Access to community resources
  • Program awareness materials
  • ADP Payroll Integration Option
  • Up to 3 designated report recipients 

Pro Edition

Plan Includes:

  • All Standard Edition Features plus the following
  • Customizable questionnaire and workflow
  • Anonymous 2-way messaging 
  • Case management module
  • Report sharing
  • Geo-Intelligent reporting options
  • Multi-Location reporting
  • Intelligent report routing by incident type or sub-location
  • Push Notification feature
  • Panic Alarm feature
  • Up to 10 designated report recipients 

Pro Edition with Toll-Free Phone

Plan Includes:

  • All Pro Edition Features plus the following
  • 24/7/365 Toll-Free telephone reporting with live operators