Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the reportit® App?

Answer: reportit® is a simple to use mobile App that allows users to submit information anonymously and confidentially to participating organizations. reportit® is an independent third-party entity that provides anonymous communication services to organizations around the world. You can download the reportit® app for free by texting “reportit” to 63975.

Question: How do I submit a tip?

Answer: You can create and send a report with the reportit® app or by texting “reportit” to 63975. Your participating organization may have provided you with a “reportit code”. If you do not have a reportit code, simply search nearby to see a list of participating organizations.

Question: Can I submit a tip in a language other than English?

Answer:  You can submit tips in over 100 languages. In the report it app select the flag icon in the upper right to see a list of available languages.

Question: Which operating system does this app work on?

Answer: The reportit® App has been developed to work on Android, iOS (Apple) and WebMobile platforms. In all three scenarios, we have developed methodology to ensure complete anonymity. reportit® on a mobile device communicates directly with the reportit® database and does not use SMS or cellular information, thus we do not have access to the user’s phone number or email information. 

Question: Is reportit® anonymous?

Answer: Yes

Question: How anonymous is it?

Answer: reportit® is not designed to track users of the system. If you choose to use the system to submit a report, we are unable to track your device, track your location or track your identity in any other manner unless you agree to provide such information.

Question: If there is an active situation, should I use reportit® so I can remain anonymous?

Answer: In event of any emergency or active situation, please do not use this system.  You should call 911 or your local police for immediate assistance.

Question: Who will see my report submissions?

Answer: All report submissions are the property of the participating organization and are not shared with anyone else.

Question: What expectations of privacy can I have?

Answer: No device information is collected by reportit as part of this service.  Your identity is completely anonymous to reportit® and your tip is only identifiable via a unique ID that has no connection to the device.  Any information you submit is directed to the participating organization. You can chose to provide your personal information, but please be aware that this is voluntary and not required.

Question: Where can I read about your privacy policies?

Answer: You can read about the reportit® privacy policy at URL

Question: Can I use my desktop or laptop to submit a tip? Will my IP address be tracked?

Answer: You can access reportit® from a desktop or laptop using our Web Mobile platform. WebMobile applications are accessed by using internet browser software such as Chrome or Safari. The first time you access the reportit® website ( from your computer, reportit® generates a unique ID and stores it in the browser’s local storage. When you return to the site, will recognize your settings. Since the ID created by reportit® is random, there is no connection to the device itself, thus we do not have a way to identify the device being used. 

Question: Will reportit® be registering my device through the app?

Answer: No. Android: reportit® captures a unique software ID that is randomly generated when the user first sets up the device and should remain constant for the lifetime of the your device. Since the value is random, there is no connection to the device itself, thus we do not have a way to identify the hardware being used.

Answer: No. iOS: reportit® generates a random unique ID when you download the app. This ID is stored in iCloud so that you can access reports and answers if the app were to be reinstalled. Since the ID is created by reportit® and is random, there is no connection to the device itself, thus we do not have a way to identify the hardware being used.

Question: What information will come in push notifications and how does it work?

Answer: reportit® generates a device token for Android and iOS applications based upon the method outlined above to provide push notifications. If you agree to accept push notifications from reportit® during initial installation, the device token that is created during installation will be used to send push notifications to your device.