How it Works

Empower your community to connect with you at anytime, from anywhere

report it® helps build positive relationships with your employees, students, residents, and other members of your community by providing a simple to use smartphone app and internet reporting platform. report it® allows you to crowdsource important information in real time and in an anonymous and discreet manor. Our proprietary technology supports reporting from any internet connected device. All collected data is securely stored in the cloud and immediately forwarded to your designated recipients based upon location and nature of concern. 

Our optional GoLive™ Interactive Video tool takes user engagement to the next level by adding the capability to request a video interaction on the fly.

User Engagement

report it® is a simple to use smartphone app and internet reporting platform that allows members of your community to anonymously and discreetly report need-to-know information based upon geo-locations and nature of incident. With iOS, Android, Web apps and text and QR Code reporting capabilities in over 100 languages, we make it easy for all the members of your community to become engaged. Users can quickly report suspicious activity, workplace safety or quality of life concerns along with comments, pictures and videos.

GoLive™ video can provides the capability to put "eyes' on the situation, allowing for a more efficient and effective response. Users can even remain anonymous if they choose to. GoLive™ can help reduce costs by allocating resources where and when they are needed. 

Report Management 

All report data is encrypted and redundantly stored in the cloud so that it is accessible at any time. You designated report recipients are immediately notified via email and/or text when a new report is submitted. All information remains confidential and user anonymity is 100% protected. report it® never shares any user data.

Our cloud-based report management dashboard is accessible from any internet connected device and allows you to view and manage reports from anywhere.  With features like anonymous chat and report forwarding report management is simple and convenient.

Flexible and Customizable

report  it® is not a one-size fits all tool. We provide you the flexibility to create a unique user experience that fits your organizations needs.  With the ability to customize the workflow to meet your specific requirements, report it® can enhance existing safety, security, and communications initiatives.

With Integrations to popular products such as ADP WorkForce now and IMMIX CS, report it ® makes sure your data is available in the format you need.  

Benefits of report it®

  1. Easy to deploy
  2. Low-Cost SAAS solution
  3. Customizable user experience and workflow
  4. Inclusive and simple
  5. Public or Private facing
  6. Push Notification feature
  7. Panic Alarm configuration
  8. Popular integrations
  9. GoLive™ Interactive Video

The report it® App is a very powerful tool, which should be considered for broad-based national deployment.

Tom Ridge
First Secretary, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Former Governor of Pennsylvania, June 2017

The report it® anonymous reporting app is both affordable and easily configurable to fit the needs of your community or organization.

Users can easily report from any internet connected device.

Empower the crowd and remember, if you see it, say it with report it®

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