report it® empowers everyone to easily "Say Something when they See Something" at work, home, school or play.

report it® AI-Enabled Solutions Include: 

  • Anonymous Reporting Systems
  • Lone Worker and Personal Safety Apps
  • Public Safety and Private Security Tip Lines
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Live Stream Video Reporting


Introducing the report it® App and its accompanying platform, a cutting-edge solution powered by AI and Cloud technologies. Our innovative system empowers communities and organizations to effortlessly access crucial information regarding ethics, compliance, safety, security, and operations in real-time, tailored to the location and nature of each incident.


Whether it's your workplace, residential community, school, or city, the report it® App ensures proactive incident prevention and data security through its SOC2 compliant features.


Trusted by a range of entities including private security providers, schools, residential communities, employers, and law enforcement agencies, report it® offers a user-friendly platform for anonymously, confidently, and discreetly escalating concerns in real-time. Additionally, our collaboration with RapidSOS enables seamless digital 911 connectivity for enhanced emergency response.


report it® also facilitates compliance with anonymous reporting requirements mandated by various regulatory and safety standards such as HIPPA, SOC 2, GDPR, OSHA, SOX, ESG, and ISO 27001.


Furthermore, our GoLive™ Interactive Video feature elevates user engagement by providing the option for anonymous live video calls, taking communication to the next level.

Anonymous Employee Hotline Solution
property and HOA reporting

Our Solutions 

The report it® Personal Safety App

The report it® Personal Safety App is an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes seeking to provide panic alarm support and professional-grade personal security and safety services to their employees, especially those working alone, remotely, or in high-risk environments.

Citizen Engagement and Reporting

Crowdsourced Community reporting for 311 concerns, Public Safety and Quality of Life issues

Public Safety Crowdsourcing

If you See Something, Say Something with our Crowdsourced reporting system.

Property & HOA Reporting

Hotline and reporting solutions for Property Managers, HOA Leadership and Private Security providers

School Safety & Security Reporting

Safety and Security Hotlines for Public Schools, Private Schools and Universities

Private Security - Telesecurity App

Crowdsourced Security & Safety information can prevent incidents and reduce cost

Anonymous Employee Hotline Solution

Solutions for Ethics, Compliance, Risk Management, Whistleblower, Safety, HIPAA, SOX, SOC2 and Risk reporting

The report it® anonymous reporting app is both affordable and easily configurable to fit the unique needs of your community or organization. Users can easily report in over 100 languages from any internet connected device.

Empower the crowd to do the right thing and remember, if you see it, say it with report it®

See it, Say it, Report it.

Text “reportit” to 63975 to download the free report it® app and start reporting today.