PODCAST: The rise of anonymous tiplines & how they can help


You might be familiar with anonymous tiplines, but are you aware of how they can help your company and employees? In this episode we interview Anthony Lavalle, Co-Founder of Report It LLC, as we explore anonymous tiplines, their increasing prevalence and how technology is impacting this. We’ll also dive into use cases for them, and how they can benefit your organization and employees.

[0:30] What are anonymous tiplines & common uses
[0:58] How they work & steps to take if you get an anonymous tip
[2:24] Growth of anonymous tiplines
[3:27] Overcoming potential reluctance to use & the role of technology
[4:44] The effectiveness & benefits of employee tiplines
[5:50] Best practices to know & the value to your company

You can listen here: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-kabfz-16247fa